Festival info in english


pop fest is a new music festival initiated by the artist and singer Katrin Butt and takes place in several locations in Vienna. At Aera, Tunnel Wien, Cafe Carina and others.


The Aera kicks off on 19 January 2023 at 8:15 pm.

It is something new that the singer and artist Katrin Butt, who will also present and perform, has created.

Subtle, poetic, earthy-archaic, powerful new songs, electronic, groovy, and sound experiments blend into a new tapestry of sound.

The musicians, singers and bands come from a wide variety of musical genres.

Hiphop, house, electronic sounds, rock, songwriters, newly interpreted cover songs, avant-garde, experimental sounds and other musical styles will be heard at the pop fest.

The festival will be presented by Katrin Butt (Flimmit Cranberry juice).




Festival Mail


or artandmusic4@gmail.com


The festival continues in February in the tunnel with

Bungie/league of voices and others and in March at Cafe Carina.


Info will follow.